Everbright Hospitality is a China based, full-service furniture company, which has been serving North American Hospitality Industry since 2004.



We Own Factory

Besides of being a furniture company, we own and operate our own factory. Our productions are conducted in Guangdong (Canton) Province, China, where is considered as furniture capital of China, some say, the world.

full service

Our services ranging from shop drawing design, production, logistics, custom, quality control, project management, all the way to installation and repair. 


us office

Getting closer to our customers is one of the ways for us to fulfill our commitments to our customers, which also sets us apart from your everyday supplier.

We are production experts.


Our headquarter is located right at the center of one of the busiest furniture production region in the world. We own and operate our own factory and our resources and decades of working experiences in Guangdong allows us to assign the most suitable production platform for your project. Our QC and PM teams are consisted of the most effective and experienced individuals in the field. Our goal is not only to producing the furniture, but to offer our customers a comprehensive purchasing experience with assurances on quality, delivery and cost effectiveness.



Simple QC to Turnkey Solutions


Over the years, we developed multiple service levels to fit different needs of our partners. From quality control projects, project management, logistics, custom, to full-service contracts which deliver furniture right to your door steps, our service experts can do them all. 



Orlando Office


We understand the importance of clear and effective communication to a well implemented project. Our presence in US allows us to always react to customer needs in a timely manner and follow up with projects after their completion.


We are committed to offer our customers professional local and onsite supports, furthermore, we are determined to offer our customers their most comprehensive, worry-free  purchasing experiences.


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